Meat, Fish and Smallgoods

As more and more people question the way in which animals are farmed on an industrial scale, the Barossa Farmers Market offers a win-win solution: get to know the people who rear their animals with respect and care and enjoy the taste difference that only free range meat can offer!


Barossa Birds - Barossa Farmers MarketBarossa Birds

Pasture raised for real flavour! Free range chicken & Japanese Quail, Chicken Sausages

Mike Hemphill Co-Founder / Owner   0488 990 436




Birdwood Venison - Barossa Farmers MarketBirdwood Venison

Sausages, Osso Bucco, Back Strap and a variety of other cuts

Providing premium Adelaide Hills venison, paddock to plate and nose to tail.

Mike and Nancy Kasprzak run “Deer Farm” at Birdwood and have been farming fallow deer for more than 25 years.

Phone:(08) 8568 5301




Saskia Beer - Barossa Farmers Market

Saskia Beer Farm Produce

Free range chickens, game and pork products, charcuterie, free range Artisan smallgoods, hams, pies, sausages, confits, stocks, glazes and take home meals
Turkeys, geese, pheasant and guinea fowl in season
Orders accepted
Saskia Beer      
08 8562 3100 
 0408 847 819




Butter - Barossa Farmers Market

Fresh Farm Butter


The Dairyman

Free range, milk fed Berkshire pork and pork products. Farm Butter and milk fed veal
Michael Wohlstad
0414 851 812




Steiny's Mettwurst - Barossa Farmers Market

Alan & Barry from Steiny’s


Steiny’s Smallgoods
Home of the Seriously Long Mettwurst! Including mouth watering flavours of Mettwurst – Port, Garlic & Chilli to name a few. Variety of other small goods.
08 8563 3098
0415 743 683





Fresh Zimmermans FIsh - Barossa Farmers Market


Zimmermann Fisheries
A selection of freshly caught fish and seafood including King George whiting, snapper, garfish, flathead, calamari, prawns, scallops and oysters
David Zimmerman
08 8823 3281