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Apple, Cheddar and Rosemary Pie


Careme apple and cheddar pie

When I lived in England, I once ate the most incredible apple pie I’ve ever tasted (of course, these things are always helped along by the drifts of snow outside, the roaring fire and a pint or two or Guinness….). But I digress. The pie wasn’t too sweet and had this incredible bite to it. My friend told me it was because the pastry was made using cheddar cheese and given that I’ve always loved a good wedge of cheddar on a slice of apple, this made perfect sense.


So I was delighted to stumble across this recipe by our very good friends at Careme Pastry. They’ve taken the cheddar out of the pastry and just plopped it straight into the pie which I think is an inspired touch. Along with this, comes the lovely news that our newest stallholders, the Wild Apple, are starting at the Barossa Farmers Market this very weekend. They grow certified organic apples, pears, quinces and blackberries in the Adelaide Hills and we’re delighted to have them join us. So now there’s nothing stopping you!

Apple, Cheddar and Rosemary Pie

Preparation time: 25 minutes
Cooking time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Serves: 8

435g Carême sweet vanilla bean short crust pastry, thawed
10 medium Granny Smith, peeled, cored & thinly sliced
20g unsalted butter, melted
2 teaspoons finely grated lemon zest
1 cup grated extra strong cheddar cheese
½ teaspoon dried rosemary
¾ cup firmly packed light-brown sugar
2 tablespoons cornflour
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 egg, lightly beaten
Coffee sugar, to sprinkle



  1. Preheat oven to 200°C (180°C fan-forced). Lightly grease a large ceramic pie dish.
  2. In a large mixing bowl combine the apples, butter, zest, cheddar and rosemary together, mixing until well combined.
  3. In a small mixing bowl combine the sugar, cornflour and cinnamon together, mixing until well combined. Add to the apple mixture, again mixing until the apple slices are well coated. Place the apple filling in the prepared ceramic pie dish, piling it up in the centre to create a dome shape.
  4. Place the thawed pastry on a clean lightly floured surface. Cut 2 x 2cm wide strips of pastry from one end of the pastry sheet. Brush the edge of the ceramic pie dish with egg and place the pastry strips around the edge of the dish. Brush the topside of the pastry strip with egg and then drape the remaining pastry over the top, pressing down the edges and crimping, to help seal the pie. Trim the edges of the pie using scissors, cut an air hole at the top, and using any pastry offcuts decorate the top as you please. Finally brush pastry with egg and sprinkle with Coffee sugar.
  5. Place the apple pie on a baking tray in preheated oven for 20 minutes, reduce the heat to 160°C (140°C fan-forced) and cover edges of pie with foil to prevent pastry burning. Cook for a further 60 minutes or until pastry is golden and the apple filling is tender.
  6. Serve the apple pie with jersey cream, crème anglaise or a rich vanilla ice cream.


Careme Traditional Pastry is a beautiful Barossa food success story and you can read all about them (and find lots more delicious recipes) on their website.

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