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Barossa Farmers Market Gift Guide

The Farmers Market is packed to the brim with wonderful gift ideas – locally grown and made with love. Here’s some quick ideas to get you started, but you’ll find all sorts of delicious morsels and great ideas at the Market. So shop local this Christmas and put your money back into your community. It’s such a great feeling.


Barossa Farmers Market membership

IMG_4899Well, of course we had to kick off with this one! Right now you can purchase a six month family membership of the Barossa Farmers Market for only $25. This is fantastic value for a thoughtful gift that really will keep on giving back throughout the year. Your membership comes with a gift certificate, a membership card and coffee card with five free coffees, a 10% discount at the Breakfast Bar for the whole family, a re-usable market bag or coffee mug (your choice) and the knowledge that you’re supporting your local farmers and makers. Pretty darn good for $25 methinks! You can purchase a gift membership either on Saturday morning at the Market or contact Jess throughout the week on 0402 026 882 or and we’ll post it out to you.

And yes, if you want us to make it out to Captain McAwesomeness, we will. We’re crazy like that.



Market Hamper

Another great option for eager market shoppers is to pick up one of our re-usable market bags from the Information Booth and build your own hamper of beautiful produce. Try a few packets of Wiech’s egg noodles, some delicious jam from Lyn Sampson or Esme Hein, a packet of Barossa Breakfast tea from Scullery Made, a delicious morsel of fudge from Ali at Fudget or Bryon at Barossa Gourmet Confections, Carmella’s famous Kasoundi Curry paste, a bottle of olive oil and a tin of dukkah, Fleming and Ware’s gourmet muesli… the list goes on and on. Gourmet honey! Smoked salmon! Artisan Beer! Phew! Or a few punnets of seedlings from Falg Nursery so your friend can start their own little garden of fresh herbs and green leaves.  There’s a cornucopia of produce so you can happily spend half an hour wandering around to create a unique gift.

Barossa Coffee Roasters

Barossa Coffee Roasters have developed these darling 70 gram packets of coffee, ground to your liking, just for Christmas. They’re absolutely perfect as a stocking stuffer or as part of a larger hamper. The smell alone is a gift!

Healthy treats


Esther from Delightful has been cooking up a storm in preparation for Christmas and she has a beautiful range of allergen and health friendly treats available. So if you’re trying to buy gluten-free or low-sugar presents, make sure you pick up some of these gorgeous fruit mince pies or a nifty gluten free Christmas pudding – their slightly smaller size makes them perfect for two to share on a romantic Christmas Eve (wink wink).

Nature’s Nine spiced nuts 

Just for Christmas, Nature’s Nine are making Christmas Roasted Spiced Nuts for the two markets leading up to Christmas (the 14th and 21st December). They will be in little packages ready to be popped into a Christmas stocking or a hamper, or straight onto the coffee table for guests to nibble on. Delish!

Trigg Plant Nursery 

Belinda and Ian specialise in Australian Native and Mediterranean plants that have low water requirements, so they make wonderful presents for gardens. They have put together a huge range of Christmas specials so do make sure you pop down to their stall on Saturday and pick up a present –  plants make such wonderful gifts. Here’s a little sneak peek at what they have available:

Succulent Gardens-large terracotta coloured bowls filled with a variety of attractive succulents plus gift label $20.00ea

Herb Gardens – extra large terracotta coloured bowls filled with different herbs and gift label $20.00ea (there’s also a specialised Bolognese selection with thyme,rosemary,marjoram,oregano,chives and sage – so cute!)

Cottage garden packs- filled with a selection of Salvias, Penstemons, Verbena, Gaura, Dietes, Coreopsis and more (trust me – the names will make sense to the garden-y types!)

They also have a range of gift boxed plants, with a plant of your choice all wrapped up in a Christmasy box with a waterproof label – perfect for Nanna.


Tathra Homestead

These lovely folks have a whole stall full of Chrissy presents. They have put together a whole range of Christmas tins, beautifully packaged and popping open with extra virgin olive oils and Kim’s hand crafted dukkah in a variety of delicious flavours. They also have recycled cardboard boxes for a more rustic look. Tathra



Rehn Bier 

Ah, beer. Perfect for our Southern Hemisphere Christmas days, where Rudolph is more likely wearing board shorts and thongs than a dusting of snow… Rehn Bier is brewed locally in tiny batches and made with love. You can tell; it’s delicious. They have Christmas three packs all boxed up and ready to go.

Christmas 3pack-001



Toilet paper

That’s right folks, toilet paper. While you can’t buy it from the Farmers Market but we reckon Who Gives A Crap deserves a plug here – they’re an Australian company that gives 50% of their profits to build sanitation projects in the developing world. We buy our toilet paper for the Farmers Market from them and they’ve just released a limited edition Christmas pack – guaranteed Christmas warm fuzzies right there.


So there you have it folks – a few little ideas to get the brain working. There really is so much going on down here on a Saturday morning that you’d be hard pressed *not* to find something heartfelt and gorgeous for a friend or member of your family. Shopping local and putting your money back into the community is a gift in itself! Merry Christmas!

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