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Gourmet Weekend success!


The Barossa Farmers Market partnered with the Barossa Bushgardens to host a Barossa…Be Consumed Gourmet Weekend event with a difference – a Zero Waste Long Lunch! The concept was simple: create a fantastic, lively event where great, fresh, local produce shares centre stage with a philosophy of not creating a skerrick of waste.


We sourced the produce from Barossa Farmers Market stallholders and engaged local chef extraordinaire Ali Short to whip it all into mouth watering delights. The wines were donated by local wineries, ensuring they met our exacting standards of sustainability. This meant our guests had the opportunity to sample wines other than the ‘usual suspects’ and local wineries had the opportunity to tell a little more of their sustainability story.


Our desire to avoid all forms of waste and unnecessary consumption meant we came up with all sorts of creative ideas – get the guests to bring their own crockery and cutlery! Let’s provide recycled flour bags as place mats which then serve as sturdy take-home containers for dirty dishes! We had chook buckets, dog bone containers and take way tubs galore for left over lunch-y goodness. Any food scraps found their way into the compost to go back into the nutrient cycle at the Bushgardens. Even the little bits of gladwrap were recycled through a dedicated soft plastics recycling station. In fact, the only thing that gave us pause all day was the plastic ‘skin’ which encased the stick of Steiny’s mettwurst we had as part of our roaming entrees. However, as Jess pointed out, you can in fact eat it (we popped it in the compost, just in case…!)


Musical accompaniment was provided by the hugely talented Andy Salvanos on his amazing Chapman Stick guitar.


It was a wonderful afternoon of fantastic local produce and inspiring conversations about sustainability and practical responses to waste management. We were rapt with the positive response we received from our guests and already our minds are whirring with ideas for next year! Below are just a few photos from the day.


A big thank you to Sarah Barrett and Kristin Wohlers from Barossa Bushgardens and their band of merry men and women helpers. And of course thank you to all our lovely guests for taking a punt on a slightly unusual event and coming out smiling the other side!




Setting the tables – with recycled Lauke’s flour bags from Careme Pastry acting as place mats *and* handy receptacles for dirty plates at the end of the day.



Of course we had to bring some native colour into the day!




The guests start to arrive.



Our welcome boards full of information about our producers, the Barossa Farmers Market, the work of the Bushgardens and lots more!



A bit of light reading with glass of wine in hand.



A little taste of the menu (although there were a few more elements that we couldn’t fit on the board!)



Lots of lively conversations going on.



Our wonderful catering team arrive! Christian, Chef Ali Short and Michael with all the beautiful main courses.



Beautiful ciabatta with gum leaves (an option extra!)



A mouth watering selection of chutneys from the Barossa Farmers Market.



The anticipation begins to build……



An official welcome from Sarah Barrett, co-ordinator of the Barossa Bushgardens.



And then lunch was served!






A room full of happy guests slowly working their way through delicious produce with some wonderful local wines. Life’s good!



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Thank you to the Barossa Farmers Market, Chef Ali and all the producers! And Jess for being the committed, vibrant, professional that you are! Thanks to everyone for coming and embracing our very 'unique' Gourmet Weekend Event! Now what next...??

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