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The Great Barossa Passata Collective

“Comrades! I bring you find news from the fertile plains of the Barossa Valley. We have a Passata Collective!”


Yep, that’s right. One of my crazier 2am ideas is off and running and I’m so happy about it. The idea is thus: we took delivery of 200 of the prettiest little tomato seedlings seen in these parts for a while and adopted them out amongst a group of local green thumbs. There are little patches of Great Barossa Passata Collective tomatoes growing happily all over the Valley right at this very moment (in fact, their loving adopted parents have been sending up happy snaps – check them out below!). At the moment they’re fledgling plants but once they’re big, ripe and juicy comes the best part: we’ll gather everyone back together here at the Market sheds for a day of sauciness, Rosemary Clooney and the odd glass of red, no doubt! This will be a traditional passata day, where we communally process the pooled fruit,  and divide up the spoils (ie the resultant jars!) and all head home at the end of the day with plenty of pantry-stocking sauce at our disposal. And because no day in the Barossa is complete without lunch, once the sauce is made, we’ll gather around a long table here in the sheds and enjoy a shared lunch of pasta and seasonal market produce. Delish!


We’re starting with sauce because, well, it’s pretty straight forward. But more than anything I’d love to expand this concept in the future: dill cucumbers, rote grutze, streuselkucken…. the list of traditional Barossa foods to be learnt and lovingly passed down through the generations is endless. So if you’d like to get on board for the next round of collective food knowledge, get in touch. You can reach me at Let’s do this.
Yours in sauciness,


Pete and Beck

P and B’s happily mulched little munchkins!


M’s monsters! I think these guys are winning the race 😉


John wicking bed finished

J’s amazing wicking beds – low tech but high impact and perfect for water-conscious gardens

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