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Local Barossa milk runs dry

Fresh Bottled Local Milk - Barossa Farmers Market

Jersey Fresh Milk being bottled ready to be delivered to local supermarkets and the Barossa Farmers Market

After the call to arms across the Nation to #supportlocaldairy , local dairy farmers, Jersey Fresh had an amazing run on milk last week and were unable to join us at the Farmers Market. This week they have a cool room FULL of milk.

If you missed last weeks post, here it is again


Local Barossa Milk - Farmers Market

There’s a problem. A problem with the milk. We don’t have enough to do the Market this Saturday. We haven’t been able to fill everyone’s order and we’ve only been able to give the supermarkets half of their orders, which we will be doing tomorrow. We process milk every day, but with everyone buying to support their local dairy farmer, we’re running short. Something’s got to give and we need a break. We can supply the Markets’ Breakfast Bar, but we won’t be having our stall this weekend.
It’s a problem, but what a problem to have. – Lisa Werner





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