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Saturday 16 September 2017


The sun came out this week!! Wasn’t it sensational? It looks like we’re going to see sun & cloud throughout the rest of the week up to Sunday. As long as there’s no rain on Saturday!

Back this week are

Fenton Farms

The Vegi Basket

Ai Made It

Little Bunyip

Esme Hein


Jong’s Flowers

There are many MEMBERS ONLY Specials to be found in the Market this Saturday.

Carmella’s, Barossa Gourmet Confections, Jongs Flowers, Tathra Homestead, Ai Made IT

Keep an eye out for the Yellow Members Only Special cards


Fresh Produce

Alnda Farms – fresh vegetables, herbs and produce with fresh Swiss Brown Mushrooms and baby turnips 

Fenton Fresh – leafy greens, vegetables, pickled produce, herbs & relishes – beautiful Cauliflowers and other winter vegetables NEW BOK CHOY

GV Lowke Carrots – Carrots, Carrot Juice, Carrots & Parsnips

Little Bunyip – Pheonix Oyster Mushroom, Micro Greens – away this week – back 9th September

Gully Gardens – Amazing selection of dried fruits, fruit based treats & fresh fruit 

Jenni’s Produce- Seasonal Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, SULPHUR FREE Dehydrated fruit, Gluten Free cookies & Jams 

Logisolar – Sulfur Free Solar dried fruit 

Pellicone Family – Fresh vegetables, Olives, Almonds and produce – home of rainbow carrots & beetroots!

The Vegi Basket – Certified Organic Vegetables & Beef 

Trevallie Orchards – DELICIOUS PRODUCE AWARD Winning Dried Fruit, this seasons Apples fresh from the Orchard

Vrastaminos Family – Riverland citrus – New season Limes, Manderins & Oranges. Creamy Avocadoes, almonds, sultanas, and much more 

Waechter’s Produce – Fresh seasonal produce, Quinces & Pomegranates, Free Range Eggs, Honey & Sliced pickled gerkins

Walkers Strawberries – Word on the street, back early October!

Barmera Vineyard Veggies – Fresh orange Sweet potato, garlic & peas – This week with leaves for salads from the White Sweet Potato – Season over due to frost – Back in the NEW YEAR!




Meat, fish, cheese and dairy

The Dairyman Barossa – Heritage pork, bacon & farm butter plus buttermilk & cream

Jersey Fresh Milk & Cream SA DAIRY AWARD WINNER – Skim, Full Cream, Pouring & Dollop Cream 

Steiny’s – Mettwurst and small goods

Udder Delights – Cheese **Certified Organic** Brie, Feta, Camembert, Blue cheeses & Variety of Goats Milk Cheeses

Gumshire Pork & Bacon – Hampshire pork raised amongst the gums at Keyneton. Have you tried their RIBS?

Birdwood Venison – variety of special cuts, Sausages, pies, Mettwurst – Venison Style. Away this week

Thornby Butchers – Beef & Lamb, Sausages, Mince, Roasts, Rissoles, melt in your mouth T – Bones and other cuts, lamb

Zimmermans Fisheries – Fresh Fish from Wallaroo – MONTHLY – Back 23rd September

Saskia Beer Farm Produce – DELICIOUS AWARD WINNER Chicken, Black Pig, Choritzo & Relishes

Please note:  Many of our stallholders sell Free Range Eggs, including Waechter’s Produce, Tathra Homestead, Fenton Farm and The Vegi Basket 



Pantry Staples: bread, baked goods, pasta and muesli

Fleming & Ware – Hand blended Muesli using local fruits 

Eleni Handmade Barossa – Ciabatta, Focaccia, Sour Dough, Croissants, Danishes, Pies & Quiches

Wiech’s Egg Noodles – Fresh, Dried, Spelt & Naturally Flavoured Pasta

Mehl –  Assorted Sour Dough breads & crumpets

Ai Made It – Cheese Grins, Biscuits & Baked Treats – Back 16th September MEMBERS ONLY SPECIAL AVAILABLE – Back 16th September

Doecke Family – Home Made Pasties, Sausage Rolls, Jams & Condiments – last week for 5 weeks

Fudget – Pizza Bases, Dips & Pasta Sauces plus Delicious wine based Chocolate Fudge including Rose, Peppermint, Rocky Road & Many more – away this week


Condiments, jams, sauces and oils

Jane’s Kitchen – Formally Abbotsford – Home made Jams & Lemon Curd. Christmas Puddings are available now

Barossa Capers – Fresh Caperberries & Salted Capers – Back in December

Carmella’s  – Southern Indian Style Kasoundi Curry Paste, Malaysian Style Curry Powder, ‘Feisty’ Barossa Sauce and Barossa Style Chutney MEMBERS ONLY SPECIAL AVAILABLE

Cornucopia Farming – Olive Oil & Olives, Fermented veg & now Pineapple Cider Vinegar

Domain Day Vin Cotto –  Red & White Balsamic plus Vin Cotto & Salad dressing

Kurianda Barossa – Condiments, Olive Oil, Dukkah and Honey

Deliciously Devious – Bacon Jam, Relishes & Portuguese Tarts

Tathra Homestead – Olive Oil, Dukkah, Fresh veg & herbs, mousse, cashew cream, vegetarian chilli – away this week

Michelle’s Gourmet Kitchen – Smoked BBQ Chilli Sauce, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Smoked Tomato Sauce just to name a few

Jo’s Jams – Assorted Cherry Jams alongside Italian Wine Biscuits using local wines & melt in the mouth Macarons

Barossa Honey – Raw honey, flavoured honey, gift packs and fresh honeycomb 

Coffee and Tea & Other

eKoo Teas – Freshly brewed Hot Chai Tea, revitalising Organic tea blends and raw treats using local produce

Bean Addiction – Tea Blends plus Locally roasted, ethically sourced Coffee beans

Barossa Gin – Crafted Gin made in the Barossa using local citrus and premium Barossa grape spirit 

Photo by Martin Ritzmann- Barossa Farmers Market

Sweet Treats

Barossa Valley Ice Cream Company – AWARD WINNING ICE CREAM Mouthwatering selection of flavours to choose from 

Barossa Gourmet Confections – local handmade chocolates and home of the Giant Freckle

Esme Hein – Home made Sultana cakes, Lamingtons, Traditional Jams, Pickles and Chutneys – Back 16th September

Barossa Origin – Hand made French style pastries, German Apple Cake & ‘Bee Stings’ and much more

Cherry Lane Baking – Vegan savoury & sweet treats alongside full flavoured cakes, pies & tarts 

Mirror Mirror Patisserie – Gluten free tarts & cakes

Lovely Little Cakes – Raw & vegan treats – back 23rd September

Ready to eat meals, dips and sauces

Sushi by Jo – Hand made, fresh Sushi, cold rolls, noodle & rice dishes, fresh Won Ton Soups

Raj’s curries – Hommus, Smoky Eggplant Dip, Meat, Chicken, & Veg Curries

Ready to plant your veggie garden - Barossa Farmers Market

Flowers & plants 

Falg Nursery – seedlings for all you veggie garden needs

Jong Flowers – Beautiful Blooms for any & every occasion – Back 16th September

Trigg Nursery – Beautiful natives, some flowering – back soon