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The mornings are much cooler now, and the sheds are full with warm & cheery people.

It’s nearly time to bring the heaters out!

In the meantime, wrap your hand around a hot tea or coffee & fill your belly with fresh Barossa goodness

Fresh Produce

Alnda Farms – fresh vegetables, herbs and produce with fresh Swiss Brown Mushrooms!

Fenton Fresh – leafy greens, vegetables, pickled produce, herbs & relishes

GV Lowke Carrots – Carrots, Carrot Juice, Carrots & Parsnips

Little Bunyip – Pheonix Oyster Mushroom, Micro Greens – back 20th May

Gully Gardens – Amazing selection of dried fruits, fruit based treats & fresh fruit

Jenni’s Produce- Seasonal Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, SULPHUR FREE Dehydrated fruit, Gluten Free cookies & Jams

Logisolar – Sulfur Free Solar dried fruit

Pellicone Family – Fresh vegetables, Olives, Almonds and produce

The Vegi Basket – Certified Organic Vegetables & Beef

Trevallie Orchards – DELICIOUS PRODUCE AWARD Winning Dried Fruit, this seasons Apples fresh from the Orchard

Vrastaminos Family – Riverland citrus, Sultanas, Almonds, Stone Fruits and more 

Waechter’s Produce – Fresh seasonal produce, Peaches galore, Free Range Eggs and Honey

Margaret & Jim Ellis – Dried Fruit & Jam – Have moved into a new area of the shed! Find Margaret next to Barossa Honey 

Walkers Strawberries – Fresh Strawberries, Chocolate Strawberries, and anything else strawberry related

Sybille’s Garden – Home grown vegetables spray free 

Barmera Vineyard Veggies – Fresh orange Sweet potato, garlic & peas – This week with leaves for salads from the White Sweet Potato

Barossa Rainbow Fruits – Beautiful fresh Figs, dried figs and apricots

Community Table – Quinces


Meat, fish, cheese and dairy

The Dairyman Barossa – Heritage pork, bacon & farm butter plus buttermilk

Jersey Fresh Milk & Cream SA DAIRY AWARD WINNER – Skim, Full Cream, Pouring & Dollop Cream

Steiny’s – Mettwurst and small goods

Udder Delights – Cheese **Certified Organic** Brie, Feta, Camembert, Blue cheeses & Variety of Goats Milk Cheeses

Gumshire Pork & Bacon – Hampshire pork raised amongst the gums at Keyneton. Have you tried their RIBS?

Birdwood Venison – variety of special cuts, Sausages, Mettwurst – Venison Style & pies

Thornby Butchers – Beef & Lamb, Sausages, Mince, Roasts, Rissoles, melt in your mouth T – Bones and other cuts, lamb

Zimmermans Fisheries – Fresh Fish from Wallaroo – MONTHLY – back in June

Saskia Beer Farm Produce – DELICIOUS AWARD WINNER Chicken, Black Pig, Choritzo & Relishes

Please note:  Many of our stallholders sell Free Range Eggs, including Waechter’s Produce, Tathra Homestead and The Vegi Basket 

Photo by Martin Ritzmann - Barossa Farmers Market

Pantry Staples: bread, baked goods, pasta and muesli

Fleming & Ware – Hand blended Muesli using local fruits

Eleni Handmade Barossa – Ciabatta, Focaccia, Sour Dough, Croissants, Danishes, Pies & Quiches

Wiech’s Egg Noodles – Fresh, Dried, Spelt & Naturally Flavoured Pasta

Four Leaf Milling – Organic Grains & Flours – Back 3rd June, 2017

Mehl –  Assorted Sour Dough breads & crumpets

Ai Made It – Cheese Grins, Biscuits & Baked Treats – Back 27th May

Doecke Family – Home Made Pasties, Sausage Rolls, Jams & Condiments 

Fudget – Pizza Bases, Dips & Pasta Sauces plus Delicious wine based Chocolate Fudge including Rose, Peppermint, Rocky Road & Many more


Photo by Martin Ritzmann - Barossa Farmers Market

Condiments, jams, sauces and oils

Jane’s Kitchen – Formally Abbotsford – Home made Jams & Lemon Curd. Not to forget Christmas pudding – BACK SOON

Barossa Capers – Fresh Caperberries & Salted Capers – Back June 2017

Carmella’s Curries  – Southern Indian Style Kasoundi Curry Paste, Malaysian Style Curry Powder, ‘Feisty’ Barossa Sauce and Barossa Style Chutney

Cornucopia Farming – Olive Oil & Olives, Fermented veg & now Pineapple Cider Vinegar

Domain Day Vin Cotto –  Red & White Balsamic plus Vin Cotto & Salad dressing

Kurianda Barossa – Condiments, Olive Oil, Dukkah and Honey

Deliciously Devious – Bacon Jam, Relishes & Portuguese Tarts

Tathra Homestead – Olive Oil, Dukkah, Fresh veg & herbs, mousse, cashew cream, vegetarian chilli

Michelle’s Gourmet Kitchen – Smoked BBQ Chilli Sauce, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Smoked Tomato Sauce just to name a few

Jo’s Jams – Assorted Cherry Jams alongside Italian Wine Biscuits using local wines

Coffee and Tea & Other

eKoo Teas – Freshly brewed Hot Chai Tea, revitalising Organic tea blends and raw treats using local produce

Bean Addiction – Tea Blends plus Locally roasted, ethically sourced Coffee beans

Barossa Gin – Crafted Gin made in the Barossa using local citrus and premium Barossa grape spirit 

Photo by Martin Ritzmann- Barossa Farmers Market

Sweet Treats

Barossa Valley Ice Cream Company – AWARD WINNING ICE CREAM Mouthwatering selection of flavours to choose from – AWAY for this fortnight – Back 3rd June

Barossa Gourmet Confections – local handmade chocolates and home of the Giant Freckle – Back this Saturday!!

Esme Hein – Home made Sultana cakes, Lamingtons, Traditional Jams, Pickles and Chutneys – Back 20th May

Barossa Origin – Hand made French style pastries, German Apple Cake & ‘Bee Stings’ and much more



Picture by Martin Ritzmann


Ready to eat meals, dips and sauces

Sushi by Jo – Hand made, fresh Sushi, cold rolls, noodle dishes and fresh Won Ton Soups

Raj’s curries – Hommus, Smoky Eggplant Dip, Meat, Chicken, Veg Curries


Ready to plant your veggie garden - Barossa Farmers Market

Flowers, plants & Pet Treats

Falg Nursery – seedlings for all you veggie garden needs

Jong Flowers – Beautiful Blooms for any & every occasion – Back 3rd June